Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's up? Well, I'll tell ya.

~~Josh has been doing a lot better lately. He walks to and from school with some kids in the neighborhood and he loves it! He and Bri are friends with another little boy who lives by us and they have a lot of fun together.

~~Bri has become our little wanderer. The other night a man and his little boy came over and they had her with them. Apparently she decided to leave the yard and walk down the street to find some kids to play with. Our neighbor said she was welcome to play anytime and hopefully (after getting in trouble) she will remember to ask first.

~~We have met 4 of our neighbors and they are all so friendly. I'm glad we moved here,it seems like such a great neighborhood.

~~I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week and working out for 60-90 minutes. I am so out of shape but I'm making the effort. I've been sick the past few days but I only missed the gym once. Go me!

~~I have become addicted to re-run's of "Wife Swap" on the Lifetime channel. From 2-4pm you will find me watching TV instead of being productive. I am NOT a fan of reality shows at all,but this one intrigues me. I think it's interesting to see these people who are so extreme. I'm sure some of it is scripted but it's like a train wreck and I can't stop watching.

~~I've decided to become an Avon representative. They have such a variety of items now and I've always liked their jewelry. If anyone is interested in checking out the products,please let me know. :)

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Tilly's Bowtique said...

Sabrina has turned up at the neighbor's house twice without permission. problem is that the girls go over there sometimes and she actually told them that I said it was okay, LOL. Now if I can't find her immediately I go to the neighbor's before I start to panic. I'm just glad the neighbor is close and not across any roads! And yes, she has certainly been In Trouble each time.

nora.lakehurst said...

YAY! Go you and your bad self at the gym. I bet that partner of yours is a SLACKER. Gosh what a wuss. Anyways LOve ya. Totally excited to see you more now that we go to the Gym and ROCK IT!

Ann Marie said...

I have a wanderer too. :(
YAY about the gym! You rock!!

I am glad you are happy in your new place!!

Corilee said...

60 to 90 Minutes??? That would kill me off regardless of whether I was out of shape or not. But good for you for taking action.

Train wrecks really are compelling. Mine are NCIS and House. I can't believe I watch House because he's so crude and vulger. That one I really do have to give up. I've seen Wife Swap a few times and while it didn't "hook" me I can see why you would find it interesting. And I totally get it about not being productive. I feel really guilty too.

I would like to check out their makeup one on one (and would probably buy something that way) but I don't like partys of any kind. I don't like how pressured I feel to buy at partys, so please don't be offended if I don't come to any. I still love ya.

I'm so glad the kids are making friends and like living there. And I'm especially glad that Joshie is liking his new school now. I was worried about him.



Flee said...

WOO HOO for Avon! Love the stuff! I love seeing you at the gym. Lets keep the pattern alive. (ok, you are, but I need to get back into the habit. Speaking of which, I won't be there today.)

I'm so glad that you guys are loving it out there! YAY for you living in a sweet neighborhood.

HA! The security word I have to typs is "smaterf" it sounds like "it's my turf!" funny eh?

No Cool Story said...

Way to go you!! Welcome to the work out club :)

ITA with Flee, how cool is it to live in a neighborhood where you kids can do that? And have friendly neighbors?

Joel tells me the best Wife Swap bits. Feel free to share any as I am fascinated by train wrecks.

Stacey said...

One swap was between a woman who had 8 kids and was extremely frugal and another woman who would spend thousands on clothes that she would only wear a few times. I about died when she said the outfit she was wearing cost $2400! That is so wasteful to me.

Dave said...

just stopped in to say thanks for the President Monson quote on the bottom!!

Steve and Chelle said...

Yay for the gym. Steve's getting a van from work today, so I'll have a car starting monday- so I can start going to the gym again! YAY!!!! I usually go around 10:30 or 11 too! sa-weet!

never really got into wife swap, but I do like biggest looser. Is that a reality show??