Monday, August 3, 2009

A Few of My Faves

Fave Actor - Robert Downey Jr.
Loved him in Ironman! I can't wait to see Ironman 2 as well as Sherlock Holmes,but my favorite RDJ movie would have to be Heart and Souls. He was hilarious in that film! Just a fun,feel-good movie! If you haven't seen it,I highly recommend it.

Fave Actress - Reese Witherspoon
I've loved her since I saw her in "Man in the Moon". She is great in "Legally Blonde","Sweet Home Alabama", and "Just Like Heaven".

Fave Perfume - Imari Seduction by AVON
This is my fragrance. Every time I wear it,I receive a lot of compliments.

Favorite Book - Twilight
I know,this one is a no-brainer. :P

Favorite Restaurant - Outback and Lost Hermanos
I can't choose,I love both of these places. Outback for the cheese fries,Los Hermanos for the beef taquitos. YUM!

Favorite Show - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Supernatural is my favorite show but since it is on summer hiatus,I've been watching discs of BTVS. I'm just starting season 3 which is one of my favorite seasons. Some of the later seasons like 6 and 7 got a little too dark for me.

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nora.lakehurst said...

FUN!!!! I love all of your favorites. But my do disagree with you. I shall do my favorites someday.....maybe tomorrow.

Stacey said...

These are only a few of my flavorites. I could never list them all.

Klin said...

I love Robert Downey Jr. He's Hawt! Always has been.

Reese is a classy lady. I love her, too.

I used to wear Imari, but since I have migraines now because of fragrances I can't.

Yeah, about Twilight. Even got the hubs reading it :)

Not so much of fan of Los Hermanos, but Outback is the bomb diggity. Victoria Filet. Yum.Meeee.

I don't watch the others, but since I like most everything else here I'm guessing I would like them.

It's so cool to find out that we have stuff in common.

Tori said...

I watched Supernatural when it first came out and then I guess I just forgot about it because it was new!! I'll have to try to find it on dvd.

I love Robert Downey Jr. Have you seen "Chances Are"? I thought he was so funny in that! lol

Sunbum said...

Hm...I don't think I have a favorite actor/actress!!! I guess I'm kind of lame.

Ann Marie said...

I love Reece!

I'm glad you posted this..
Chad and I have been watching Buffy's this summer. I was SOOO irritated with them! People said how great they were, and I saw ALOT of cheesy! Why were the vampires ugly? And the lines?? Oh my... but then we kinda got hooked.. and to be honest.. I only watched it to see if Willow and Zander ever get together-- and for the Angel and Buffy story line..

We are almost to the end of season 3 and I like it and I don't. I know Angel is leaving, and so I'm not sure I want to keep watching.. and someone recently told me what becomes of Willow. Can I say WTF??

I'm not sure we'll watch on after season 3. Have you seen all of the seasons? I wish we could talk.. Buffy is so old.. most people can't remember stuff about it...
Glad you posted about it!

Stacey said...

Tori - I loved him in "Chances Are",though I could have done without Cybill Shepard. She rubs me the wrong way.

Sunbum - You could never be lame!

Corilee said...

Cute post. What does harvested mean?

I didn't see the post you did before this one as I don't check my blog every day. I am so glad Adam is planning on going back to school. We will try to help financiall if we can. Keep us updated.


Corilee said...

BTW, you still have your Outback gift card don't you? Let's plan a time to go.

Stacey said...

Corilee - It just means I hired someone to harvest my crops from the game FarmTown on Facebook.

Dave said...

sooo, you like twilight? cause i couldn't tell :-)

i've only just finished new moon, so apparently i'm not qualified to weigh in on the whole edward vs jacob thing

Nancy Face said...

I like your favorite actor, actress and book! Outback...YUM! :)

Corilee said...

Stace now I'm really confused. What crops? This is really weird being so far out of the loop.

Stacey said...

Farm Town is an online game where you have a "farm" and people can harvest your crops for you. It's a Facebook game.