Sunday, August 2, 2009


~Adam has decided to go back to school. He has an appointment this week to see if he qualifies for financial aid. *fingers crossed*

~We turned in an offer on a house on Friday. We will find out if it is accepted tomorrow night. It's a short sale so if it is accepted,then we will be waiting on the bank. I just hope they are anxious to get it sold.

~School starts in 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!?? Summer,where have you gone? I still need to get a few things for the kids. Thank goodness this week is payday.

~Adam fixed my van yesterday. There was a hole in the metal tube that goes into the water pump. One tiny hole and it's bye-bye antifreeze. Luckily it wasn't a very expensive part and now the antifreeze will stay in the coolant reservoir. It's always a good thing when you don't have to worry about your van over-heating.

Edward Cullen just harvested for me on FarmTown. Don't hate. :P

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nora.lakehurst said...

YAY for your car being fixed. YAY for pay days. YAY for school i mean err........... I love pizza!
And What you had Edward Cullen harvest for you! WOW~

ems said...

Good luck on the financial aid and the house. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.

Glad your van is fixed. It's always a bummer when a vehicle doesn't work

I have no idea what harvesting is, so I definitely won't hate! :)