Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School!

The morning went very smoothly. Josh made the comment to Brianna that "he was happy that she was in school now,so he had someone to get ready with." Josh is a great big brother,he talked to Brianna about school the whole walk there. When we got inside they were both smiling but as soon as we walked to the gym where all of the kids were,Brianna started sucking her thumb. (which she does when she is nervous or scared)
She said she was shy with all of these people around. I told her that it will only be students and teachers after today and she relaxed a little bit. Josh and Bri said hi to their aunt Tiffy who works as a teacher's aide and then I took some pictures. I walked them over to their teachers,gave them big hugs and then watched them leave to go to their classrooms. I hope they both have a fun day!

How is it that this girl..

...is in kindergarten!?

And this one just started kindergarten didn't he??!

No tears,just big smiles!

My little helper!

"Mom,enough with the pictures."

It's so quiet..Camden is asleep,Brady is playing his bedroom. Ahh,bliss.

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Dave said...

i bet the quiet is hard to get used too :-)

i hope they have a great day!!

and i love it when big sibs look out for the little ones!! it is soooo sweet

JustRandi said...

Sweet kids!
and... I wouldn't try to get used to the quiet. You know it won't last! :)

Ann Marie said...

Her little Blessing dress is ADORABLE! It's always a bitter-sweet day!

Enjoy your quiet!

nora.lakehurst said...

Aw. I cant wait till tomorrow then I will have two till Wed. next week. :D I hope you have fun! Tell Bri we will see her and that I will have to hear all the details of her days at school.

Corilee said...

She looks so adorable! I'm glad the parting went so smoothly.

I was glad to read that Joshie was watching out for Brianna and that he was incouraging her to like going to school.

Klin said...

:):) Happy post.

WV=sumerso--Sumerso over. Dang it.

Jenn said...

I just had a chance to comment on this--I've been so swamped. I can't believe she's already in school! What a darling picture, and what a sweet girl. I'm so glad Joshie was helping her. I hope it's going well for her! Hugs, and thinking of you!

Nancy Face said...

Brianna's baby picture is breathtakingly beautiful! :)

Love the first day of school shots! So cute and happy! :)

Connie said...

What cutie kids!
Hey! Thanks for your comment on my post on BBL!