Friday, August 14, 2009

The List - Part 2

Here are some more crushes from my preteen/teen years...

Jon Knight from NKOTB -
I know most girls were into Jordan and Joey but I always had a place in my heart for Jon. When I found out that he was dating Tiffany,I was so jealous!
(Jon is on the right)

Gunnar and Matthew Nelson -
Did I love their music? Yep. Did I go to one of their concerts? Yep. Were they prettier than me? Yep.
I remember my mom saying,"they look like girls,how can you think they are cute?" Then I showed her a picture of their band and she thought the drummer was cute. Oh but mom,he has long hair! :O

Johnny Depp -
I still have a crush on him to this favorite character of his is Jack Sparrow. He is playing the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland and the picture of him creeps me out a lil' bit. He is a great actor so I'm sure he will do an awesome job, but I still won't watch it. I've NEVER liked Alice in Wonderland and this one looks even trippier than the other versions. I have the 21 Jump Street theme song in my head. "I said,"jump!"

Mark Paul Gosselaar -
Zack Morris...playa's gotta play. I wonder how many girls he kissed on Saved By the Bell?

David Lascher -
He was on Hey Dude, (one of my favorite Nick shows),he played Vinnie on the show "Blossom" and he seemed to have a part on every other teen show in the 90's.

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Dave said...

i did a memory lane post here.

I forgot to add Nelson's "after the rain" to this list. cause i totally had that video taped along with the rest :-)

Ann Marie said...

I had a boyfriend that had hair as long as the Nelsons.. From the back.. we totally looked like 2 girls..

Johnny Depp and a little Morris were the only ones I had a bit of a crush on..

It's been fun to see who people used to SWOON over!

Jean Knee said...

eeek! I'm showing my age here but I only recognise Johnny Depp.

and yes, he is hawwwt

Nancy Face said...

The Nelsons were prettier than EVERYBODY! ;)