Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Monday

~Last week Camden slept through the night, five nights out of seven! He only woke up once on the nights he did wake up. It was pretty awesome!

~I have mixed emotions about Camden being officially weaned now. While it's nice that he doesn't rely on nursing at night,I'm kind of sad that he is done nursing since he is my last baby. I loved nursing my babies and having that bond with them.

~The kids will be going back to school next month. Nanners is really excited to go to kindergarten! It will be nice to only have two kids at home for half the day. :)

~Nanners went to a sleepover with her cousins at her aunts' house and she had so much fun! Josh's sleepover is this week and he mentions it every day. He is so excited for it that he told our home teachers and the relief society president all about it. :D

~Nanners is going to a party for her cousin on Saturday and she is so excited because there is going to be a huge blowup slide there with a pool at the end of it. Fun stuff!!

~Today I am meeting my SIL for a picnic at the park. I also have to do some grocery shopping and run errands so it will be a busy day!

P.S. I don't think I said the word "excited" enough in this post. :P

The End.

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Jenn said...

You know, we should have had one sleepover on Thursday and one on Friday so that you wouldn't have to hear about it all week again! I'm glad he's so excited. I can't believe he told the HT and RS Pres. We'd better make this one worth all of his excitement! It will be fun!

nora.lakehurst said...

I am excited about school, sleepover and the party too. YAY for EXCITMENT. its about time we had some.,

Klin said...

Can you come to a fireside with me on Sunday at 7? It's about motherhood and I think it will be great. It's in your mom's town, but not stake. I'll send you details if you can come. I'm inviting my mom, too.

Corilee said...

I love to read about whats going on in your family. Sounds like this summer has been nothing but fun fun fun. (although I'm sure the kids have said I'm bored more than once)

TB Signature said...

So the weaning worked! I know what you mean about mixed-feelings there. Now you can't claim that extra Dr Pepper is cause you're feeding an extra ;) lol. Lizzie asks me pretty much every day if tomorrow is a school day. She is WAY too excited about starting school :P

Tori :) said...


Taj starts kindergarten too. And I am counting down until Liv does...