Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cute kiddie quotes

Brady said something to me tonight that made me giggle. He was hugging me and he said,"I love you are the best dang mom ever."

I started thinking of other funny things my kids have said and done and I decided to post a few.
Brady -
"Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me!"
"I'm on de lebel 2 in my game!"
"Oh man,I NEBER win! stoopid game!" (I blame daddy for that one)

Brianna -
When she was two years old, she used to say, "What de heck?"
"Mommy,how come you have purple shoes? You're a MOM!
"My owies love to hurt...and then they don't hurt cuz they get diarreah" (NO idea where that came from!)
I took her to the bathroom one time and she said,"It's quiet in here....too quiet".

Joshua -
When he asked for something,we would tell him,"say the magic word" meaning "please". So from then on whenever we said,"What do you say?" he would say,"Magick word!"
He called pinatas "spank candy".
He woke me up one time to say,"Mom, would you please stop snoring? I'm trying to get some sleep!"
"Mommy,you're teasing me and making me dramatic!"

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Flee said...

Too funny! I was laughing at every single one of those! "Spanky candy" "diarrhea" HA! Totally crackes me up.

(my security word is "cheelime." How cool is that? I know it's not really a word, but it sure sounds cool and I might start using it for something :)

Lilac A. Rugg said...

"Spank candy" is so funny. I think I might have to steal that phrase. :)

Nancy Face said...

I love these! They're so cute and funny! I think this one is my favorite:

"Mommy, how come you have purple shoes? You're a MOM!"

That's a great picture, too! :)

Klin said...

Ok that snoring one has me in stitches! My kids need to say that to their dad. He snores LOUD.

Those are very cute quotes.

Aaron and Ailinh Harris said...

haha Brady kills me. He talks like a grown man! Love it.

Ann Marie said...

LOL! Way cute stuff!

I don't know how you remember all of them! If I don't write them all down... they are gone.

Stacey said...

I had most of them written down, but I haven't done it for a long time.

Shauna said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend :)

Corilee said...

I love to see these little glimpses into your life as a mother. Such cute quotes! I love my grandchildren AND their mothers. (their fathers, too, of course)

Hope you have a happy 4th :)!

nora.lakehurst said...

Your kids are so funny. Love "my" little man. What a cutie. OH my gosh ok you gotta remind me at the BBQ tomorrow what Logan said in his prayer tonight. No wait I am going to post this.

Sunbum said...

Your kids are so cute!! :)

Sunbum said...

Those sayings are so adorable!!! I laughed and laughed while reading them!

Tori said...

LOL! Livie says "What de heckt?!" too!