Friday, April 3, 2009

Say hello to the newest member of our family!

This is Cindy,our betta fish. Grandma gave the kids some money so they could have a pet. My kids aren't spoiled at all,are they?
Oh well,the kids are so excited to have a pet and I'm happy because it's low maintenance. Everybody wins!

~~Josh and Bri went to a dance class earlier this week and they loved it! They had tons of fun with their Aunt Ems. (who is the dance teacher) Afterward Brianna was pretty down on herself saying,"I wasn't any good at all". It made me so sad! I reminded her that this was her first class and it takes practice to learn new things.

~~Brianna is now registered for kindergarten and she is so excited! Meanwhile I am wondering when she became old enough for school.

~~General Conference is this weekend and I can't wait to listen to our church leaders. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to hear some of it this year. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

As I have been typing this post,my space bar keeps getting stuck. Now I realize why...a nice smear of grape jelly is on it. I love how well my 2 year old listens to me when I say,"NO EATING AT THE COMPUTER!"

The End.

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Klin said...

Beta fish = low maintenance

I won't be pointing any fingers about spoiled kids. I'd have three fingers pointing back at me and I've got lots of kids that I spoil;)

Ann Marie said...

Yay for low-maintenance pets!!

Yes.. Our kids grow up way too fast.

Have a good conference weekend!!

Tilly's Bowtique said...

Each year in place of the classic Christmas Letter my sister sends a family photo and a little paper including the "Quotes of the Year" A couple of years ago one of her boys (about 6 at the time?) was quoted saying something to the effect of "I get a mealworm from school. I can't believe I'll finally have a pet!!!" Poor Jumpy the mealworm only lived a few days after coming home. Alas he flipped onto his back in his film canister and wasn't able to get back upright. According to my sis tears were shed.
Ah the simplicity of young kids :P

Anonymous said...

Love the fish. We had a few in our family. One, Mr. Grumpy gills, lived for 3 years. they are beautiful!

Corilee said...

I had fish as a 12 year old. I left the fish bowl on the window sill one night and the next morning my fish (and all the babies she had just had a day or two before) had frozen to death. (It was winter) Sooo sad :( I never got fish after that but it was just as well because I hated cleaning out the fish bowl.

I hope your kids love their new pet and that it doesn't freeze to death ;)


Millie said...

"Cindy" is such a sweet, harmless name for a fish you have to separate from everything else. ;)

Nancy Face said...

Betta fish are cool! I love pet fish! :)